Roads to Recovery II

Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force

A pizzeria in Franklin was the staging ground for local students to raise awareness about substance use disorder. As part of the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force they teamed up with a local pizzeria and placed flyers about substance misuse on pizza boxes.

Nearly every community deals with the challenges of substance use disorder. It doesn’t discriminate and the effects are devastating. The problem might seem unbeatable, but young people throughout New Hampshire have the tools to fight back.

Students armed with knowledge mobilize in their communities and show how small changes in behavior, like the proper disposal of unused prescriptions can lead to big improvements. In ROADS TO RECOVERY II, teenagers from all over New Hampshire share their solution stories about hope, education and empowerment.

One way to combat substance use disorder is through frank and honest education and awareness programs. ROADS TO RECOVERY II explores local programs that empower teenagers to take the fight against substance use into their schools, neighborhoods and to the statehouse

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